Green Dinosaur Backpack


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  • Material: High Quality Polyester Fibers
  • Color: Green
  • Size: 25cm*12cm*33cm(suitable for kids of height 90-125cm)
  • It's more than a backpack.
  • It's alive, being the kids' good helper and little friend.
  • Every child is a born Picasso,having an active sense to colors.
  • Say goodby to boredom.
  • Stir the kids' creativity, increasing their observation to life and meet their curiosity of exploring.
  • They can find more joy of life with this backpack.
  • Carry it and become a shining optimist.
  • That is a big magic brought by the small backpack.
  • Meet their nature and release their imaginations.
  • Carry this light and lovely backpack and run happily!
  • Our products adopt high quality material that is water-resist, dirt-endurable, safe and smell-less. Your kids can be closer to the nature and enjoy 100% interest of childhood.