Lighter Designs, Easier Trips

The direction of lightweight designing has been the key point that we are pursuing and researching. Our backpacks are lighter than other backpacks of the same capacity by optimizing the inner structure and adopting lighter material.


Reduce pressure to back and shoulders by updating “S” shape straps

Our backpacks have adopted honeycomb-structure air mesh for both back and shoulders with excellent resilience and breathability. So you could feel soft and comfortable without any stress to your spine when you’re carrying the load. In addition, the “S” shape design of straps help you balance and relieve the stress.


Zippers have passed durability Test

The zippers of our backpacks have passed durability test. They’re okay under the pulling of tens of thousand times. They’re smooth and reliable to use. You don’t need to worry your kids to break them any longer. Both zippers and straps are the result of good quality.